Technical News


Server Downtime 17. December 2012


Today we experienced an unexpected server downtime. The timeperiod was roughtly from 0943 and until 1345.


This is the first major server outage we have experienced since we teamed up with the current hosting company.


During the outage all websites and email solutions were unavailable. We apologize for this downtime.


If you are interested, then feel free to read a copy of the log from our hosting company below:



11.10 am 17/12/2012:
One of our shared servers required a reboot. This server was rebooted and a full filesystem check is being carried out currently. This issue is being treated as our highest priority right now, and it will be back online as quickly as possible. We will update this again either as soon as we have any update from the server admins, or at 11.30am – whichever occurs first.

Apologies for the disruption this may be causing you.


Update 11.38am:
The FSCK check is still ongoing. This issue is being treated as our highest priority right now, and it will be back online as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, the server admins cannot tell exactly how long this will take, but they will update this status message as soon as they have any update.

We will update this again either as soon as we have any update from the server admins, or at 12.15pm – whichever occurs first.


Update 12.17pm:
The FSCK check is still ongoing. We are making progress but there is quite an amount of data to check through so it is taking longer than originally anticipated. We have also prepared a backup plan and this is in place, should any issues occur with the FSCK check that is running at this time.

We appreciate your patience on this matter, and we can assure you that we are working to have this resolved as quickly as possible.


Update 12.56pm:
The FSCK check has finished and the server is currently rebooting. Our server admins are waiting to ensure that everything comes back up correctly after the reboot. As soon as they can confirm this is the case or not, we will update this status message. This status will be updated at or before 1.20pm.


Update 1.30pm:
The server is running through a check since the reboot. We have prepared a complete restore of the server should this be necessary. We should know shortly whether this will be required or not. We will update this status again at or before 2pm with any further updates we have.


Update 2pm:
The server came back online approx 15 minutes ago and each of the difference services are coming back online (mail, websites, databases, etc). Everything should be loading for you now. Apologies for the disruption this may have caused you.



Joomla 2.5.8 Released


joomla-security-releaseThe Joomla project team have now released version 2.5.8 of the awardwinning CMS platform.


This is a security release.


You can read more about this release on the following url:


We have upgraded all affected customer portals accordingly.


Goodbye Joomla 1.5 !!


joomla-15-25-migrationWe today finalised the last Joomla migration from Joomla! Release 1.5.x. In this case from Joomla 1.5.26 to Joomla 2.5.7. With this migration done and dusted we are looking back upon 20+ successful migrations.


We started these migrations soon after J2.5.x was released, and migrated each webportal as the utilised extensions became J2.5 compatible.


Joomfish Delay:

The final obstacle to our migration project was the translation component "Joomfish", which was surprisingly slow in releasing a J2.5 version taking into account the popularity and importance of this extension.


However, as Joomla 1.5 reached EOS - End Of Support - last Month we felt we couldn't wait any longer, and after a bit of testing we found that the current beta version of Joomfish for Joomla! 2.5.x was stable enough to use on a production site.


It was not ideal to go this way, but the couple of frontend bugs we experienced with Joomfish were possible to fix with workarounds, and the few backend bugs we found we'll able to live with until they are sorted.


So with that, we say goodbye to our old hardworking friend Joomla release 1.5.x.



More than 10000 Joomla extensions available


joomla logo blackGaaTec Ltd. have been working with the fabulous Joomla! Open Source CMS Platform for almost 5 years now.


When building webportals and company websites we use the awardwinning Joomla platform, and then enhances the functionality with Components, Modules and Plugins which we find in the JED - Joomla Extensions Directory.


Last week we noticed that Joomla passed another milestone in that it is now more than 10000 - Ten Thousand - Extensions available from the community.