Domain and Email Package

If you are just starting up a company or a service, it is highly recommended that you secure your domain name before anyone else purchase this.

Unfurtunately, there are a lot of "domain pirates" out there just looking for domain names that they later on can sell on at a high cost. These voltures will look through lists of newly formed companies and then purchase domainnames accordingly. They will then contact your company and offer to sell you "your" domain name at blackmail prices.

These "domain pirates" are allowed to stay in business as the purchase of .Com domains and many other top level domains are sold as "First Come, First Served".

By securing your domainname now, you avoid the above hassle and you are also able to start to use the emailaddresses matching your domain name. As an example you can see that we here at GaaTec have matching email addresses like This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Our "Domain and Email package" start as low as €150 +VAT for the year and the price includes:

- 1x .Com domain name *.
- Up to 15 Email Addresses with 5GB storage allowance each.
- Access your emails online and through Android/Iphone/Ipad App.
- Single Holdingpage (Click For Sample Holdingpage)


*   .IE domains will incur an added cost (roughly €20 extra per year.)




If you at any time feel like moving to the next level and launch a website for your domain, then you can either purchase webhosting and webdesign services from GaaTec, or you can choose to move your domain name to another webdesigner of your choice. We will of course advice and help you whatever your choice.


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