Linux Mint 9 Operating System - Replacement for Microsoft Windows


So, how do you go about installing Linux Mint?

linux-mint-download-200px1) Download Linux Mint "Image"

First you need to download the "image" which you use to create your bootable CD or DVD. You can download current version from Hereunder download the "Live CD 32 Bit" or if you wanrt some extra software you need to download "Live DVD 32bit".

2) Burn "image" to CD/DVD

Most PC's/Laptops have some kind of disk burning software included, so simply doubleclick on the downloaded imagefile to start the burning application.

linux-mint-install3) Try / Install Linux Mint

Please note that installing Linux Mint will erase all data on that partition of your harddrive, so be sure you have a backup of everything you need from that machine before you proceed.

Insert the CD/DVD into the drive of the PC/Laptop where you want to install Linux Mint and reboot your machine. (You might have to reconfigure your PC /laptop to boot from CD/DVD).

When Mint is booted up you will on the desktop see the "install Linux Mint" icon. Simply click on that and follow the intructions for installation, or you can simply play around with Linux Mint as is.


Alternatively you can run and install Linux Mint 9 from a USB bootable pendrive by following the instructions on  (Obviously your PC/Laptop need to support bootable usb aswell to get this working)