New Customer EuropaDeBike.Com

europadebike-200pxWe last week launched EuropaDeBike.Com for yet another new customer this Month.


This website is promoting bicycletours in Ireland towards customers from Brazil. The site is therefore both in English language and Brazilian Portuguese.


We ordered the domain name for the customer, and are hosting their new Joomla webportal on our Irish server. The customer provided all translations, and will manage and update the content as required.


GaaTec will going forward manage the technical aspect of the site, hereunder make sure that Joomla with all extensions are up to date, and also take regular backups of the site.


All the best!!

New Customer

thingsyoumiss-200pxLast Friday we launched the brand new website for a new customer.


The website is a small e-commerce website dedicated for Irish people abroad who wish to order some of the things they miss while abroad.


The customer had self ordered the domain name and simply pointed it to our Irish server where configured the website and email solution. We will manage all aspects of the website.


All the best!!

New Customer

rehabrentals-200pxWe wish to congratulate our latest customer MMS Medical in Cork, Ireland with their new website


GaaTec Ltd. worked together with Adgotec from Dublin developing and delivering this new state of the art website to the customer. The site is hosted on GaaTec Ltd. Irish server.

We wish to congratulate with their new home on the internet.


GaaTec helped secure and configure their new domain and email solution. In addition we are hosting their website on our Irish servers.


Again, all the best going forward.

New Customer

abbiewg-200pxWe wish to congratulate our new customer Abbie Windows and Glazing from Dublin with their new website on

This customer had an existing Joomla site running on version 1.5.x of this awardwinning CMS software. We moved the site to our Irish based servers, and migrated the site to the latest version of Joomla, namely version 2.5.x. We then changed some of the functionality to better suit their needs,  and finally topped it up with a new look and feel.


The website is still under construction, so expect to see some changes to the content over the coming weeks.