Eirdeal.Com Webshop

eirdeal bigBack in August 2015 we launched the website Eirdeal.Com. This website is a fully functioning ecommerce website based on Joomla with the Virtuemart shopping cart component.


There are of course many lighter/simpler shoppingcarts for Joomla, but as Virtuemart gives us most flexibility going forward both in regards to the flexibility of the shipping plugin and also the payment plugin,we opted to use this more complex shoppingcart.


Shipping costs:

Currently we have configured the shippingmodule to include pickup, and also shipping as "unregistered post" and "registered post" with the Irish postal service AnPost. Based on the weight of the chosen items the system automatically calculates and present the customer with the different shipping alternatives available.


Payment module:

We are currently using Paypal as the payment system, but as the website grows we can easily change to or add other payment providers like e.g. Stripe, or RealEX.


Should you be looking for a low-cost yet high end webshop, without closing all the doors for future growth and expansion, then look no further. We can easily take care of all the technical bits and then teach you to update this.